Monday, June 2, 2008

Easy Clothing Embellishments

I was shopping with my friend Morgan yesterday when I started to notice a trend in a lot of the clothing I found myself attracted to. They all seemed to be covered with the type of embellishments I could easy make myself! This sweater (at left) from J. Crew is adorable, but I could easy replicate a similar look with fabric scraps and a sweater I already have. I also loved this sweatshirt from Anthropologie, but at $88, I could easily replicate the look by adding fabric-covered buttons and appliqu├ęd fabric scraps to a cheaper button-up sweater or sweatshirt. I also remember seeing (but I can't remember at which store) a sleeveless blue shirt with a neckline covered in yo-yos. How simple would that be to recreate?

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