Thursday, September 20, 2007


Oh Anthropologie, why do you torture me so? Why are your outfits so beautiful, yet so expensive? Why can't I find something this dang cute in my price range?

(Sorry for yet another post related to clothing. I'm purging my closet of all the too-small Levis from high school that I could never fit into ever again. And I want to replace them with beautiful things from Anthropologie. I have Anthropologie taste on a Target budget.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Searching for a Perfect Beret

Such a silly topic for a post, I know, but there has been just the slightest twinge of a chill in the air when I take the dog out in the morning. And that little chill gives me hope that is does get cold here in the Carolinas, and perhaps people do have need of a slouchy beret to grace their chilly little heads. I want this one, but then I feel like I should buy the matching scarf, and that is more than I wanted to spend. I want a wool beret and a great big mug of warm chai tea. Of course, I could always run to Starbucks now, but I want the tea and the beret to be necessary. I want to see my breath in the air. What is the average fall temperature in North Carolina?