Sunday, August 10, 2008

Longer Than Expected!

So, that lull in posting was much longer than expected. My husband and I went to D.C. and Pennsylvania to see friends and family and then we brought my five-year old brother back to Charlotte with us. Wow! I now stand in awe of mothers. Constantly looking after a kiddo is a lot of work. We had a few craft times together, including pottery painting.

I recently got to visit the amazing Mary Jo's nearby. This place is incredible! It's basically just a huge warehouse full of all different fabrics. (Check out the very impressive store right here.) There was an entire wall of trim and another long wall of buttons. You can shop online from their site but, trust me, it's nothing like visiting the store in person. I could've spend hours (and a lot of cash!) there.

While at Mary Jo's, I picked up a few yards of this awesome Amy Butler fabric (for something like $6/yard) and am using it to redecorate my bathroom. My friend and I made a big cornice-like thing to go above the shower out of a huge sheet of foam insulation (less than $10!), some polyester batting and this fabric. I'll be posting pictures soon! I also have to post the "after" pictures of this awesome redecorating project as well.

Oh! And I just discovered that Mary Jo's has a blog, too!

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