Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Poomba Berry Loves. . .

I thought I would start something new here on the blog. Since I run across so many things that are lovely, I am going to start linking them here under the title "Poomba Berry Loves."These fresh-looking note cards are a set from one of my favorite new finds Red Stamp. I am a sucker for office supplies. When school started back in the fall when I was a kid, I loved shopping with my mom and sister for shiny new pens and notebooks and folders. And then, when I got my books, I would meticulously cover them with brown paper and decorate them with stickers and magazine cut-outs. All of the beautifully-designed products at Red Stamp make me giddy as though I were starting school all over again. These green and yellow cards look pretty enough to eat! You must also check out all of their adorable kiddie products.

(found via Creature Comforts.)

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