Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Easy Peasy Apron

You will need:
1 tea towel
1 fat quarter (for pockets)
About 3 yds. grosgrain ribbon (for trim)
1 fabric-covered button
A scrap of another coordinating fabric (for yo-yo)
1 safety pin (for attaching yo-yo)

Cover a button using the fabric for the pockets. Make a yo-yo (great directions can be found here). Sew the button onto the yo-yo. Attach safety pin to the back of yo-yo. Set aside. (I made my yo-yo removable because I made this as a gift and I was afraid of washing the yo-yo. You could sew this on later, if you wanted to.)

Whip up some easy-peasy pockets. You can find a pattern for a “patch pocket” right here. Or, make one up. (Hey, I never promised a detailed tutorial, right? Right.) Moving right along . . .. After sewing the pocket, I added ribbon trim at the top. I attached my pockets about 5-1/2 inches from each side. I basically wrapped the apron around me and did a rough measure. If you don’t eat as much candy as me, your hips are probably smaller and your pocket measurement might be different.

I also added a length of trim around the bottom of my apron for some contrast. Add another, much longer (about 60 inches long) piece of ribbon to the top as a tie.

Safety pin your yo-yo above the pocket and, viola, a cute little apron! Tea towels can be found inexpensively just about everywhere. Wouldn't these be cute for apron-making?

This is my first tutorial, so I hope it was well written. If you have any questions, shoot me an email!

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