Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sister, I Apologize.

For a long time I made fun of my sister because she would purchase baby things whenever she saw something she really loved. I should note that my sister did not have a baby at the time. She is now the proud mama of an adorable one-year old, but she stashed stuff for a good three years before she was preggers. I thought this was a really strange habit.

But then I saw this adorable night light at Target (part of the new Dwell Studio for Target line). At it was so cute and gender-neutral and full of polka-dotty goodness. Best of all, it was only $6.99. So I purchased it to match the adorable nursery set I will one day sew for my future son or daughter. And I am not ashamed to also mention that Matt and I are not planning on babies for at least another four years. So I suppose I should call my sister and apologize. But instead, I will keep it a secret. And only you, dear blog readers, will ever know.

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