Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Get Fat, Be Happy.

For those of you who are not from Central Pennsylvania:
A whoopie pie, sometimes alternatively called a gob, black-and-white, or bob is a baked good traditional to the Pennsylvania Dutch culture as well as New England, made of two small, chocolate, disk-shaped cakes with a sweet, creamy frosting sandwiched between them

Thanks, Wikipedia! Sorry I mentioned whoopie pies a few days ago without describing what they are. I didn't realize that they are a regional thing!

Now, go make these, get fat and be marvelously happy. That's what I've been doing lately. They are best stashed in the fridge. And, don't fear, the thick "hide-the-fat-sweater" weather will soon be upon us. You can worry about your thighs come Summer.

HT: Culinary Creations by Peabody

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carrie said...

I had no idea these were a regional thing either! Then again, my family is very culturally confused. With one set from New England, one set from the South, and then my immediate family having been in Brasil... we don't know where we're coming from or what we're doing, haha. The pumpkin whoopie pies you made in October were DELICIOUS. :)