Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am totally in denial about the end of Blueprint. I was quite shocked when I discovered it was going away, actually, because I had heard nothing but praise regarding the magazine. The crafty/artsty/design-y blogs I frequent were equally raving over its content and design. I even renewed my subscription and bought my sister one for Christmas. (BTW, is anyone else out there looking for a refund? Because I certainly am.)

Anyhoo, I recieved my last copy a few weeks ago and left it lying on the kitchen table, unopened, because I couldn't bear to face my last issue. And I finally read it, and it was just as lovely as ever, and now I am sad. Oh dear Martha, I am a twentysomething that loves paper magazines! I just can't see how this loveliness is going to be recreated on screen. Rest in Peace, dear Blueprint. Your back issues (I was there from the start!) will now be lovingly filed away.

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