Wednesday, August 8, 2007

23 things to do before I turn 24

1. Buy a townhouse
2. Get adjusted to my new city
3. Read the Bible more
4. Make new friends in Charlotte
5. Post regularly on this blog
6. Go to Tennessee
7. Get my etsy store up and running
8. Do more scrapbooking layouts
9. Learn to sew
10. Paint more
11. Be more dedicated in my 9-5
12. Let my husband know how much I love him EVERY day
13. Make handmade Christmas gifts
14. Get a new hairstyle
15. Exercise more
16. Take a yoga class
17. Save for a big trip to *somewhere*
18. Call my gram more
19. Call my sister more
20. Learn how to make more complicated recipes
21. Take a cake decorating class
22. Make Becca and Travis a very special handmade wedding gift (whatever that may be!)
23. Learn to accept myself the way I am and not be so stinking hard on myself.

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